As a consequence of ASNU’s World leadership in injector diagnostics various Aviation manufactures have approached our special purpose team to engineer and supply an injector program to support their engine builds. Aviation like other vehicle sectors has exacting standards that must be met in performance reliability and deliver robustness in the harshness of operating conditions and temperature ranges.

ASNU currently supplies injectors to specialists in the aviation Rotary engine sector. The Rotary engine is seen by many with its relative lightweight and strong engine performance as a growing market potential not only within the smaller aircraft manufactures but the ever increasing use of aerial drones. ASNU is actively involved in research and development in this field and has already conceived new injector technologies and delivery dynamics to support Rotary engine development. The company is buoyant that this injector development is unique within the Aviation industry and will harness new thoughts on aircraft engine design operating within the extremes of temperature ranges such as those operating private and commercial aircraft, military aircraft and un-manned aerial drone vehicles.