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ASNU Performance Products

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Parts & Accessories Catalogue

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ASNU Classic GDI

ASNU 156A Adjustable Fuel Rail pg1.jpg

ASNU Adjustable Injector Test Rail

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ASNU Remote Control Software

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ASNU Interactive Report Sheet

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ASNU Junior Machine

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ASNU GDI Adapter Box

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ASNU Piezo Adapter Box

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ASNU 2 Stroke GDI Adapter Box

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ASNU 266EXT GDI Injector Extractor Tool

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ASNU - The Importance of Low Pressure GDI Testing

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ASNU - Consequences of the death of the Diesel engine

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ASNU in Print - Magazine Articles

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ASNU 84 Tool Upgrade - Pintle Cap Removal & Refitting Tool

Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing Systems Instructions

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ASNU New 040P Performance Injector

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ASNU 1250P Performance Injector

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ASNU Performance Products Catalogue 2019/2020

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ASNU Baby Battleship Fuel Filter System

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ASNU R35 GTR 12 Injector System

ASNU Performance Products Instructions

ASNU Baby Battleship Fuel Filter System

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ASNU R35 GTR 12 Injector System Fitting Instructions

ASNU R35 GTR Fuel Rail Fitting Instructions

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ASNU Tips - Preserving the HDEV1 GDI Injectors

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ASNU Tips - Honda Short Injector Servicing

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ASNU Tips - Nissan Qashqai GDI Injector Seal Fitting

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ASNU Tips - Delphi MPI Injector Filter Removal

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ASNU Tips - Sagem Disc Injector

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Cleaning the E-Tec Pintle Assembly

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ASNU Megga Meter - Electronically Testing Piezo Injectors

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ASNU 2 Stroke GDI Adapter Box Instructions

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ASNU Piezo Adapter Box Set-Up