Rail Vehicles

ASNU has a special purpose team of lead engineers whose experience across the LPG/CNG Sector offers solutions for the rail market. A recognised issue from rail Diesel Motor Units (DMU) at idle at stations or sidings are the polluting emissions produced from exhaust venting. A majority of train operating franchises rail vehicles are constantly operating through built up urban areas and mass transit cities. Appointed emission agencies are implementing stricter controls and laws to combat the increase in harmful pollutants. DMU’s are subject to producing exhaust emissions that could fall under such increasing regulation. ASNU has an engineered solution based around a supplementation rail motor unit which in implementation will help support a cleaner and greener global environment.

Commercial and Mass Transit Vehicles

ASNU has engineered a retrofit liquid petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG) system which since 2015 has been deployed and and continues to roll out across a major bus company operating fleets that span the Provinces of France. The ASNU system has led to superior performance, reduced fuel consumption, constant emissions and enhanced reliability. Our case study in France over a sample of 16 buses reported that with recovery, spare vehicles, parts inventory, additional workshop staff, overtime and fuel usage calculated significant euro savings per annum. Many Cities throughout Europe and the World are sourcing more and more ways to create a cleaner environment for their citizens. A factor is the increase in polluting vehicle emissions and especially highlighted on commercial vehicles running on diesel. ASNU is at the forefront creating a program for change in commercial vehicles with a tried and tested LPG/CNG system which can either be deployed on existing LPG/CNG vehicles or a supplementation system where modification is minimal.