Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing Systems

ASNU are manufactures of the world leading Gasoline Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing Systems & have distribution in over 60 countries worldwide

ASNU offer a range of systems to suit all markets;
Aftermarket Service & Repair Workshops, Fuel Injection Specialist Workshops, Racing Engine Builders, High Performance Tuning Shops, Motor Cycle Performance and Racing Specialists, Motor Cycle Service & Repair Workshops, Marine Racing Performance and Racing Specialist and Marine Service & Repair Workshops.

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ASNU Classic GDI

The complete system for the latest generation of fuel injection

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ASNU Junior

Petrol Injector Testing & Servicing System for up to 6 cylinders with motorcycle injectors in mind

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ASNU Piezo Adapter Box

Piezo injecton is the current system of choice of major executive vehicle manufacturers

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ASNU GDI/FSI Adapter Box

The ASNU GDI Adapter Box has been designed to drive Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) injectors with an approved supply of current and voltage to simulate injector electronic operation as on the engine.

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ASNU 2 Stroke GDI Box

Driver box specifically designed to drive E-TEC & Ficht GDI injectors

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Our Latest News

ASNU's Advice on Preserving the HDEV1 GDI Injectors used by VW/Audi, BMW/Bentley/Mini, Ford/Mazda, Fiat/Alfa Romeo, GM and more Tue 13 April 2021

As the Bosch Gasoline Direct Injector HDEV1 version used in first generation VW/Audi engines production has/will cease in the near future, the time is right to invite your customers in for a PREVENTATIVE INJECTOR SERVICE and FILTER UPGRADE. As we are sure you are aware of the problems with Carbon Build Up in the combustion chamber, problems that will incr...

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