Machines - The ASNU Junior

Technical Specifications

Input/Output Voltage:
Fuel Pressure:
Fuel Pump:
Casing Coating:
ASNU Junior Carton:
ASNU Junior Bench Size
Packed Weight / Un-Packed Weight:

96v – 265v AC / 13.8v DC
0 – 6 bar
Magnetic overload release.
50 X 52 X 72 cm
50 X 52 X 72 cm
24 klg / 15 klg


  • Backlit Viewing Window
  • Digital Operational Display
  • Membrane Key Pad
  • Injector Shot Counter Display
  • Injector Shot Timer Display
  • Duty Cycle Display
  • Up to 10,000 RPM
  • High Performance Pump Upgrade Option
  • Ultrasonic Injector Cleaning Cycle
  • Manual & Automatic Cleaning Cycles – 3 options
  • Stand alone Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath – available with our without bath
  • 2 Ultrasonic Bath Options
  • Suitable for Motorcycle Injectors
  • Suitable for Gasoline Direct Injector (GDI) (optional equipment required)
  • Suitable for Injected Marine Engines (optional equipment required)
  • Suitable for LPG Injection (optional equipment required)
  • Tests up to 6 Injectors at one time
  • Simulates on-car Spray Patterns & Flow Rates
  • Injector Leak Down Test
  • 12 Language Selection Screen
  • LBS per Hour to Millilitres Calculator
  • Easy to Read LCD Screen

Diagnosing injector performance

  • Before and after testing
  • Adjustable pressure
  • ASNU patented ultra-sonic cleaning process
  • Fuel SPRAY Management - spray pattern shapes and fuel atomisation are easily inspected in the ASNU display window.
  • Fuel delivery Volumes - the precise quantity of fuel delivered can be measured and compared for up to 6 top feed injectors or 6 side feed injectors at one time
  • Electronic operation - ASNU examines the injectors performance during a 10 programe option milliseconds and RPM simulation programme

ASNU offer a complete service programme

  • Including various service parts and accesories
  • Specialist tools
  • Filters o rings pintel caps
  • Flowrite and bio-clean fluids

Parts and Accessories

ASNU is the complete workshop solution to the process of testing and cleaning injectors and features a full parts and accessory programme, with an ongoing development of new tools and accessories.

Bio-Clean (ultrasonic bath)
Navara side feed block
Flow rack holder
Injector assembly tool
Mazda block
Side feed injector cradle
K-Jet cradle
Ford Block
Pintle cap removal tool Filter removal tool
Injector replacement components


ASNU Junior Machine
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