ASNU’s continuing program into injector research has led to the Company designing a new product range and program of diagnostics for the Marine sector. The Company’s ethos was to understand the depth of the market and create a target specific product suite to meet a demand of injectors known within the sector as deemed end of life or those that required a diagnostic view to determine an intermittent running in service. Marine injectors in all is guises are generally operating within strict tolerances and perceived performing in the harshness of environments such as being subjected to sea salt corrosion.

It is of no consequence that these elements compounded lead to an injector’s life expediency requiring attention at some time within usage cycle to review fuel flow characteristics, test and service.

ASNU has a product range offering a test and service solution for gasoline marine fuel injectors. Utilising our diagnostic flow bench designs and injector driver products ASNU is able to offer and injector test and service either through our engaged authorised ASNU test centres or purchase direct our designated machine products and enter the ASNU MARINE PROGRAM.