Yuji Kodaka

Phil Ellisdon

4 Aug 2022

Sad news today that Yuji Kodaka, our original salesman in Japan has passed away.

Yuji and Aki started ASNU in Japan nearly 20 years ago and during my many trips to Japan, I spent many hours with Yuji teaching him the benefits of ASNU, which was fun, him speaking only Japanese and me English and when Aki translated, well anyone who has seen Aki’s English to Japanese, it was never straight forward, to say the least, but we all got there in the end.

Yuji was our No1 Salesman in Japan and I presented him with an ASNU jacket, which he wore day and night wherever he went, he was very proud to be ASNU's No1 Salesman in Japan.

Yuji was also a good teacher and has taught Etsu well who, under Aki’s guidance, is carrying on the legacy of Yuji, which we have seen by the increase in sales that dropped off when Yuji was first diagnosed with cancer and had to step back from full time working, the ASNU JP history continues.

Yuji’s love of ASNU and his dedication to the programme never left him, he was “one of us” a diehard ASNU man and he will always be remembered for the work and support along with Aki, Yuji, Nohoko and the team at ASNU JP have given to ASNU over those years.

Thank you to my old friend Yuji, rest in peace.

Kind Regards,