Poor GDI Injector Spray Pattern damage – Porsche 911 Posted by

This is one bank of a Porsche 911 (991 engine) under 30,000 miles. Look at the difference in the witness marks on top of the pistons – shows what the difference in spray patterns can do. How long before number two holes the piston, maybe another 30 – 50,000 miles but there was definite detonation on the centre of the piston.

Look also at the carbon on top of number one piston and scoring of the bores and where the spray being at the wrong angle has washed the piston edge causing the scoring. This is all down to poor injector fuel distribution and atomization; a problem that cannot be seen or corrected while the injectors are on the engine. Anyone want to challenge us on that one???

Cyliner number 3 is good.

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