Compliance with the new GDPR Rules – make sure you still receive our mails! Posted by

Have you received our mailshot sent out requesting you to update your details and confirm you are happy for us to contact you still?

With the new laws on GDPR, we must have your consent to store your contact details that we use for sending you mail shots and information.

Please ensure you have clicked on the link sent to you by email.

Alternatively, you can manually sign up to our mailchimp account for receiving our mailshots at the link below, where we have a fully GDPR compliant link.

If you have not clicked and agreed to our mail by 25th May, then we will have to remove you from our mailing list.


Our Privacy Policy:

Data Collection – Privacy Notice –


ASNU Corporation Europe Limited complies with the Data Protection Act 1988 (DPA) and its successor the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) from 25th May 2018 which regulates how companies hold and store information that we keep.


Aims of the policy.


To inform clients of the lawful purpose under which ASNU asks for and holds the data that you provide.


To provide information about the processing of your data together with your rights in relation to that data.


Who does the policy apply to? All ASNU clients.


Lawful Basis for holding the data.


The information will be held and used under the auspices of contractual necessity (e.g. for the completion of invoices )


Type of information that we keep.


All contact details.


Financial transactions.



Right to object


Clients have the right to object to the processing of their data based on legitimate interests.


Right to rectification


Clients have the right to have inaccurate personal data corrected without undue delay.


Right to complain.


Clients have a right of complaint to ASNU’s Managing Director.


Who has access to clients data?


All office staff


General description of data security.


Password protection on computer access.

Password protection on software access.

Local server back up to disc. Off- site back up to cloud Network protection through deployment of security software.


When are staff trained on GDPR?


Induction training for GDPR delivered to all office staff May 2018.


New staff receive briefing as part of induction training when they join.


Who is the data owner?


Managing Director ASNU.


How long do we hold data?


Data is transferred to dormant file on resignation.


Data is retained in a dormant file for 6 years. HMRC have the right to access of data.