Proof – this is why you should test GDI injectors at LOW PRESSURE Posted by

Below is a video we have put together, proving why it is essential to test GDI injectors at LOW PRESSURE!

Part 1 – This shows you the spray distribution that should have 6 jets but only has 5. See also photo of orifice plate that is at the end of the injector showing 6 holes.
The second injector shows when rotated that there are 6 jets on this injector.

Please note that at high pressure you cannot rotate the injector.

Part 2: This shows the injector at 5 bar pressure where you can clearly see the 6 jets but when you increase the pressure to 100 bar, you are not able to see anything of the sprays that you can examine.

It is not possible to rotate the injector at 100 bar.

In the interest of safety we do not recommend rotating an injector over 10 bar maximum!