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Introducing ASNU’s 040P Injector

Do you currently use the Bosch 0280 158 040
Do you need the same fitment but more flow?

Look no further – the ASNU 40P injector is the same fitment o-ring to o-ring but with a higher flow and US Car connector plug (ideal drop-in fitment for some VW/AUDI and FORD vehicles) We have various harness adapters or new plug and pins available to use with this for other vehicles.

A typical example of fitment, is the VW/AUDI EA888 Gen 3 engines that have both port and GDI injectors (UK/EU versions). These are a direct drop in upgrade for the OEM port injector, all you need is our HA016 harness adapter to connect to the stock loom.

Bosch 0280 158 040 Vs ASNU 0280 158 040P

Not only does the 40P flow more, it also has excellent linear operation, meaning very stable and controllable fuelling at extremely short pulse widths, during cranking, idle and low RPMs, whilst still meeting the engine’s fuelling requirements at the top end.

The ASNU 40P is a result of a partnership between Robert Bosch GmbH designing and producing the 40P core injector exclusively to meet ASNU’s requirement.
The difference between the 40P injector and any current 1050cc injectors with a US Car connector, is that the 40P has a 7 hole spray plate to create better atomisation – giving better performance, efficiency and combustion response.