From the ASNU range of multi hole atomising, high performance injectors comes a compact and robust, high Z design injector, up to 1500cc flow at 43.5 PSI.

Special features include a stainless steel nose, multi hole diffuser plate and valve internals; giving all fuel compatibility including race gas. Supplied with a GM specific plug, or plug and play harness adaptor.

Supplies highly atomised fuel optimised for maximum performance and drivability, in a robust design able to operate with aggressive fuels and in harsh conditions. Supplied with full GM tuning data

Flow / Spray Patterns

Injector Size

Spray Cone

700 cc

20 °

800 cc

30 °

900 cc

30 °

1000 cc

30 °

1300 cc

25 °

1400 cc

25 °

1500 cc

25 °