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ASNU Software

ASNU remote control software

The Remote Control software is designed to work alongside the ASNU Classic GDI. The Asnu Classic GDI machine is pre-programmed with a limited set of injector testing settings, so running the ASNU Remote Control Software with the machine will allow you to take more control when testing and servicing your injectors and replicate behaviour much closer to on-vehicle performance.

ASNU Piezo

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Full control of injector parameters including the following:

  • Fast Turn On Time (GDI/FSI)
  • Peak Current
  • Hold Current
  • Flow Test Duration (injections or seconds)
  • Injector Voltage (Optional extra in conjunction with the Variable Voltage USB controlled power supply box. Range 0V – 18V)
  • Engine Speed
  • Pulse width
  • Duty
  • 4 or 2 stroke selection

other features

  • Ability to automatically estimate the flow test duration that will be required to fill the flow tubes
  • The ability to generate the Offset / Deadtime data for any injector at different voltages and pressures
  • Automatic conversion of flow values from volume in (cc) to flow rate (cc/min and lbs/hour)
  • Automatic conversion of flow values from Asnu FlowRite liquid to Vehicle fuel including user adjustment for different fuels
  • Graphical representation of the injector current demand
  • Ability to save configuration settings
  • Graphical representation of the injector Offset / Dead-time
  • Ability to match sets of injectors
  • Flow results and test settings can be saved, viewed and printed (Excel or Excel file compatible reader required)
  • Graphical representation of the injector Pulse Width and Duty#
  • Built in User manual and instruction links
  • Free 10 day trial available

system requirements:

  • ASNU Classic GDI
  • Windows 7, 8 or 10 (32 and 64 bit supported)
  • PC/Laptop with USB port (2 x USB ports required if you order the optional Variable Voltage Box)
  • ASNU Classic GDI Firmware version 19.04 or later is required to make use of all the program features
  • ASNU Classic GDI with Serial number 423900 or newer otherwise ASNU 631 Upgrade Kit with board is required
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ASNU have now taken their Injector Diagnostics Programme to the next level, where Performance and Racing teams need to know and understand greater the injectors operation and performance, ASNU set the standards and met their requirements.

UK Manufactured
Built to Last

ASNU are the global leader in the Testing & Servicing of gasoline injectors for the automotive industry. With over 30 years of experience, our continued investment R&D has resulted in major partnerships across the automotive sector. ASNU offer a range of systems to suit all markets.

Special Projects

Our investment in R&D has taken our Injector Diagnostics Programme to the next level, where Performance and Racing teams need to understand and diagnose the injectors operation and performance and ASNU set the standards in this demanding environment


Precision manufactured Injector diagnostic machines.

ASNU Classic GDI

Manufactured to last
Full aftersales service and machine maintenance.


The ASNU Classic GDI:
Test and Service Every Gasoline Injector ever produced!. K-JET/PORT/SIDE-FEED/TOP FEED/MONOPOINT/GDI/SOLENOID/PIEZO