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Machines - The ASNU Piezo Box

Diagnosing Injector Performance

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Piezo injection is the current system of choice of major executive vehicle manufacturers. Piezo injectors can respond so quickly that they can allow the vehicle to run at incredible air/fuel ratios of up to 60:1 in some engines. Compared to standard vehicles running at 14:1 air/fuel ratios, this means the minimum amount of fuel is used and the exhaust emissions are virtually non-existent, while still maintaining excellent drivability and performance.

As you can imagine, the performance of these injections is critical, maintenance should not be an option, it should be mandatory. How often do you check your Piezo injectors?

In conjunction with a world-leading vehicle manufacturer, ASNU has created this purpose-built adapter box.​

Easy to use test functions using the latest Piezo technology

Easy connections to Classic GDi Machine or GDi adapter Box.

Universal fittings for Piezo type injectors

Dimensions: 300mm x 190mm x 220mm in a robust metal casing.

Screenshot 2021-06-21 110222_edited.png
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