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ASNU's SEMA award winning ITB system for the R35 GTR

  • Aids throttle response as the plenum no longer has to be pressurised after opening the throttle

  • Increased runner and plenum volumes allowing for bigger HP and torque

  • Built to allow the more extreme cam profiles to be used in a road situation with minimised idle problems

  • 60% increase in throttle area over largest twin throttle currently available (72mm)

  • 74mm Plenum inlet flange that can be increased to 78mm ( 23% increase in flow over 72mm twin throttles )

  • Light weight alloy plenum housing to withstand extreme boost at a high fatigue life

  • It ensures a more equal distribution of workload across all cylinders by the engine allowing more HP to be generated safely

  • Plenum optimised for volume and flow using F1 technology

  • Complete with 6 additional ASNU SC injectors in a location optimised for that specific design

  • High flow upper fuel rail utilising -8AN fittings with a 17mm internal bore

  • Upper fuel rail designed to operate with integral fuel pressure & temp sensor

  • Designed to operate with the ASNU R35GTR fuel rails with pressure sensor (requires sensor to be relocated to the upper rail location)

  • Designed and machined with pre centre drilled bosses for Nitrous or ADI/water methanol injection

  • CNC machined from billet 6082 & 7072 Alloy.

  • -8AN vac balance pipe between banks to give a good idle and avoid traditional ITB setup issues.

  • -8AN Boost balance pipe.

  • Vacuum and boost ports, with brake booster vacuum take off

  • Designed to operate with the GTR’s original throttle motor internals (not supplied)

  • Utilises stock MAP sensor (not supplied)

  • Constructed to road car levels of durability, allowing extreme HP daily drivers

  • Integral air trumpets built into the plenum back plate

Screenshot 2021-07-02 115401_edited.png
Screenshot 2021-07-02 115442_edited.png
Screenshot 2021-07-02 115531_edited_edit
Screenshot 2021-07-02 115713.jpg
Screenshot 2021-07-02 115750_edited.png
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