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ASNU Digital Flow Kit





ASNU’s Digital Flow Kit is an exciting new add-on kit that can work with any ASNU Classic GDI machine to enable more accurate & specific measuring when testing fuel injectors. The standard kit includes all the hardware and the software programme, with optional future add-ons/upgrades available.

General Features of the Digital Flow Kit

* Available as an upgrade to work with any existing ASNU Classic GDI Machine

(no need for new purchase)

* User defined injector RPM, Duty & Pulse Width

* User defined Flush and Leak test duration

* 8 Individual Injector Select Controls

* Worldwide user interface with icon control

* Save results to file for future reference

* Print test reports for customers (will require external printer)

ASNU Digital Flow Kit Key Features & Benefits

Touchscreen Windows Tablet & Windows PC

Compatible User Interface

blue arrow 2.png

* Mount a Windows Tablet on the machine and

use the touchscreen

* Or place a Windows PC next to the machine

and use a mouse/keypad or touchscreen

(if fitted)

Digital Flow Measurement

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* No need to drain the flow tubes

* Faster Testing - typically measures the flow of 8 injectors in 30 secs

* Eliminates errors in reading the tube levels

* Eliminates errors from fluid remaining in the tubes

* Measure flows up to 4000cc/min @ 3 bar on ASNU flowrite as standard (up to 8000cc/min as an option)

* Option for injector deadtime measurement

*Option for Injector Short Pulse Adder & Short Pulse Multiplier data generation

Digital Pressure Measurement & Automatic Pressure Control

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* High accuracy digital pressure measurement

* BAR or PSI display

* Automatically controls the fuel pressure regardless of the injector flow

* No need to set the pressure with the injector firing in the spray position then moving to the flow tube position - saving time!

Graphical Display of Flows

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* Target flow options (use the average flow from the set of injectors under test or a specific flow (e.g. from an injector data sheet)

* Different colours to show injectors out of limits

Fuel Temperature Measurement

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* Display in Deg C or Deg F

* Determine the effect of temperature on the injector flow

Software Conversion/Scaling of Flow Results

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* Convert from cc/min to lbs/hr & vice versa

* Convert between Flowrite & Gasoline

Automatic Testing Options

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* Flow vs Pressure Sweep 

* Flow vs Pressure vs Voltage

Injector Electrical Test

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* Check for injector coil faults

* Different colours for injectors out of limits

* Target inductance options (use the average inductance from the set of injectors under test or from an injector data sheet

Test Information Data Entry

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* Record injector part numbers/serial numbers

* Record vehicle information

* Record customer details

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