ASNU Performance Injectors

Various Injector Caps with Manifold Adaptor Fittings

ASNU have over 25 years of experience with injectors from all the various injector manufacturers from around the world. ASNU are represented in over 38 different countries, with thousands of injectors being tested and serviced in Aftermarket and Motorsport worldwide; a programme and experience unrivalled by anyone else in the world. This gives ASNU the greatest experience and understanding to develop a range of injectors that will do exactly what they are designed for Correct Performance. ASNU Performance Injectors are a purpose designed and built injector with the ideal spray pattern to match the flow required. They are designed to meet the varied demands of the Racing & Performance markets.

All ASNU Performance Injectors have a multi-hole orifice cap, cut using the latest laser technology for greater accuracy and repeatability. Using this technology allows us to produce injectors with specific spray patterns and flow rates to meet the customers exact requirements. The seven hole orifice cap that we use in most of our injectors in the lower end of the range (300-1000cc) offer an ideal combination of Fuel Flow, Fuel Distribution and Fuel Atomisation. The seven holes produce smaller fuel droplets that will burn more efficiently, giving more performance and more laps for less fuel. This is a critical factor and should be considered when comparing ASNU injectors to any other Performance injectors.

Flow / Spray Patterns

All injectors are fitted with easy to see Flow Rate and Spray Pattern identification rings with the top ring indicating the Spray Angle and the lower (smaller) ring representing the Flow Rate. The image below shows the varieties of flow and spray colours. Each spray angle option is matched to the flow rate to ensure optimum usage of the fuel provided.

Injector Size

Spray Cone

300 cc

10 °

350 cc

10 °

400 cc

20 °

450 cc

20 °

500 cc

20 °

550 cc

20 °

600 cc

20 °

650 cc

20 °

700 cc

20 °

750 cc

30 °

800 cc

30 °

850 cc

30 °

900 cc

30 °

950 cc

30 °

1000 cc

30 °

1050 cc

30 °

1100 cc

30 °

1250 cc

30 °

1300 cc

25 °

1400 cc

25 °

1500 cc

25 °

Correct combustion is not about how much fuel you put in the engine, but how efficiently you get the fuel to burn and that alone will determine the combustion performance of the engine. Achieving a designated BHP does not always mean that you will achieve the maximum performance from your engine. ASNU Performance Injectors will allow you to maximise the power curve of the engine, give instant throttle response and maximum fuel economy.

The ASNU Performance Injector programme offers the tuner/high performance user a complete and unique range of injector options to suit their individual requirements and with our range of Harness Adapters and Fuel Rail Couplings, there is an ASNU Performance Injector to fit nearly every top feed application.



  • 500





  • GS 300 2JZ (1993 - 1997)
  • GS 300 2JZ VVTI (1997 - 2004)
  • GS430
  • LS430
  • SC430







  • FR-S




ASNU Fuels Disclaimer

ASNU fuel systems and injectors are designed to be used in conjunction with standard grades of road-pump fuels, and certain race fuels with lubricant and corrosion packs (please enquire for details of tested and compatible race fuels).

The use of pure Ethanol, Methanol or other chemicals mixed in combination with standard pump gas or race fuels is not advised and will invalidate any warranty on all of our systems. Fuels with more than 50% ethanol, even with lubricants, will greatly accelerate wear and shorten system life as well as reducing the service life on any filters.

Our products are compatible with certain methanol blends containing an appropriate lubricant pack and E85 for race or drag events. When used with fuels that have Ethanol contents over 50% or fuels with a methanol content, the fuel system must be drained and flushed between events to prevent irreversible damage.