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Machine Videos

ASNU Remote Control Program 

Video showing newly supplied fake injector!

Optimax Injector Testing with ASNU

Pikes Peak Audi Special

Siemens Piezo Injector Testing - Misfire caused by bad spray pattern

ASNU Performance Injectors (1200cc, 1340cc, 1450cc, 1600cc, 1650cc)

ASNU on Wheeler Dealers

Single Spray Pattern Examination - GDI/FSI Setting

Ficht GDI Injector being tested and flowed on ASNU Classic GDI

Proof as to why you should test GDI injectors at LOW PRESSURE

ASNU Performance Injectors

ASNU 2000 Range Performance Injectors

ASNU Piezo Injector Pressure Drop

Single Spray Pattern Examination - Manifold/Port Setting

GDI Injector over-fueling - caused by damage to the end of injector!

Noisy GDI Injector being tested

Putting 1400cc ASNU Performance Injectors to the test

Instructional Videos

ASNU 84 Tool Upgrade - Pintle Cap Removing & Refitting

ASNU 12 Injector Conversion Rail Fitting Instructions

Using the ASNU Megga Meter

ASNU R35 GTR Stock Fuel Line to ASNU Rail Fitting Instructions

ASNU 219T Piezo filter tool

ASNU GDI Seal Removal and Replace using ASNU 266 Tool

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