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ASNU 1250p Injector

Laura Bonafont

19 Nov 2020

ASNU New Product - ASNU 1250p Performance Injector

We are pleased to announce the release of our new 1250cc Performance Injector!

The new ASNU 1250p injector is a 1250cc Flow Rate injector at 85% Duty Cycle and is the latest addition to the unique ASNU range of purpose-built Performance Injectors.

The 1250P is a result of a partnership between Robert Bosch GmbH designing and producing the 1250P core injector exclusively to meet ASNU's requirement and ASNU's own years of experience of Performance Injector designing and production of Orifice Plates to provide the best possible combination of Spray Pattern and Flow Rate to suit thousands of applications and requirements.

As with all ASNU Performance Injectors, the injector has a multi hole spray pattern and the 1250P in particular has a unique hole design that together with its excellent Linear operation this means very stable and controllable fuelling at extremely short pulse widths, during cranking, idle and low RPMs, whilst still meeting the engine's fuelling requirements at the top end.

The 1250P is a tuner's delight when used on road cars due to the ease of satisfying the customers' Performance and Driveability demands but also helping keep it within the Emission regulations - something many tuners and Performance vehicle owners sometimes find hard to achieve.

Equally, for a Race engine, the 1250P will ensure a perfect air/fuel mix and giving the cleanest burn during the combustion stroke with the minimum amount of fuel expelled on the exhaust stroke, something that happens if the fuel does not burn fully. The advantages of good atomisation for a Race Engine is well documented. ASNU take that atomisation to a new level in race engine requirements by providing better throttle response, better efficiency, less engine wear from unburnt fuel causing bore-wash. This will also mean lighter fuel loads and for timed applications this would mean less pit stops required.

The ASNU 1250P is ideal for all performance applications and ASNU have fitments & adapters to suit all port manifolds and fuel rails on the market.

Contact your local ASNU Distributor for more information!

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