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ASNU 66W Wire GDI Filter Basket

Laura Bonafont

23 Sept 2020

ASNU 66W Wire GDI Filter Basket

We are recommending that anyone testing and servicing GDI injectors, namely theBosch HDEV5 variant that take the slim 4.7mm filters, to switch to the ASNU 66Wfilter.

We have found many of our customers seeing injectors with damaged standardinjectors due to chemical cleaning and additives (which we highly recommendagainst!) as they destroy the standard plastic filter baskets (which can in turn gothrough the injector!).

Our ASNU 66W are a wire filter basket that are more hard wearing and what wewould recommend as the best replacement for these injectors.

They are now back in stock, sold in packs of 50 pieces.

Please contact your local ASNU distributor for pricing

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