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  • Fuel Pumps | ASNU

    ASNU Fuel Pumps ASNU Fuels Disclaimer ASNU fuel systems and injectors are designed to be used in conjunction with standard grades of road-pump fuels, and certain race fuels with lubricant and corrosion packs (please enquire for details of tested and compatible race fuels). The use of pure Ethanol, Methanol or other chemicals mixed in combination with standard pump gas or race fuels is not advised and will invalidate any warranty on all of our systems. Fuels with more than 50% ethanol, even with lubricants, will greatly accelerate wear and shorten system life as well as reducing the service life on any filters. Our products are compatible with certain methanol blends containing an appropriate lubricant pack and E85 for race or drag events. When used with fuels that have Ethanol contents over 50% or fuels with a methanol content, the fuel system must be drained and flushed between events to prevent irreversible damage. ASNU092/FP340 Fuel Pumps The ASNU FP340 fuel pump is a high output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most popular EFI applications. The FP340 is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into many existing hanger assemblies. This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory lines and mounting provisions available in the OE configuration. Fits most vehicles (See Application List) Internal Check Valve Designed for in-tank use only Can be used in Carburetted or EFI applications Turbine pump mechanism increases durability and can be used in pulse modulated applications Comes with Universal Filter Sock (Specific socks can be supplied on request) Specifications Weight: 355 grams External Materials: Black Steel Body Inlet Fitting Varieties: (see below) Outlet Fitting: 9mm OD Impeller Design: Regenerative Turbine Terminal Post: Spade Terminal OE Fitment Min Voltage: Input 6 VDC Max Voltage: Input 18 VDC Current Draw: (40 PSI) 12 AMPS (13.88 VDC) ASNU92/FP340/*340 LPH Fuel Pumps 1) Centre Inlet 2) GM Inlet 3) Inline Inlet 4) Offset Inlet ASNU092/FP330E E85 Fuel Pumps The ASNU FP330E fuel pump is a high output, in-tank, electric fuel pump that fits most popular EFI applications and has the added bonus of being Race Fuel Compliant. The FP330 is a compact, lightweight pump and does not require any modifications to the system; you simply unplug the existing pump and replace it with the FP330. This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory lines and mounting provisions available in the OE configuration. These pumps are suitable for Pump Fuel, Race Fuel & Ethanol E85 ** and flow 330 lph @ 3 BAR. Component wise they have Carbon Commutators and Carbon Graphite Bushes. All pumps are serial numbered for peace of mind and tested before shipping. **(Due to the dielectric properties of alcohol fuels like E85, fuel pump service life will be reduced and filter maintenance increased. It is essential to ensure compatible filters are installed and maintained frequently) Direct Replacement for Nissan R35 GT-R Part No: ASNU 92/FP330E Below are some of the vehicle applications that we know are a direct fit for the FP330E fuel pump: Vehicle Manufacturer Acura Ford Ford Ford Ford Ford Holden Honda Honda Mazda Mazda Mazda Mitsubishi Nissan Pontiac Scion Subaru Subaru Subaru Model RSX F150/F250 F150 Harley Davidson Edition Focus RS 15 Turbo Mustang V6 & V8 Mustang V6 & V8 (excl GT500) Commodore VE Civic Civic Mazdaspeed3 Mazdaspeed6 MX5 Evo X R35 GTR (2 required) GTO FR-S Legacy GT WRX/STI BRZ* Years 2002-2006 1997-2004 2002-2003 2009-2010 1999-2004 2005-2010 2007-2013 2006-2013 2001-2005 2007-2012 2006-2007 2006-2013 2008-2011 2008+ 2004-2006 2013+ 2005-2009 2008-2012 2013+ *Some fuel pumps will require wiring modifications/plug & pins purchased separately SHOP CLICK TO PURCHASE OUR FUEL PUMPS THROUGH OUR ONLINE SHOP! ASNU Baby Battleship Fuel Pump System for the R35 GT-R The Baby Battleship (“BBS”) is a filter replacement and/or pump upgrade kit. The system retains the OEM fuel lid, scavenge & return system and pump pre filters but removes the highly restrictive OEM filter and replaces it with a high performance, all fuels compatible unit. The modular nature of the unit allows various upgraded pumps to be used. When combined with the reduced back pressure from the filter, this substantially improves the capability of the stock module. The “BBS” comes with a bespoke stainless steel module lid and with up-rated scavenge fittings for improved module filling. The filter unit is a unique twin inlet design for high flow. We supply a 6 micron filter pre-fitted and an additional spare. The hose supplied is an OEM spec type, compatible with all fuels and rated to 10 bar. The unit can be supplied with or without pumps (ASNU 330E) and can be specified to suit various pumps from the OEM fit 265 series, our twin 330E pumps or up to twin 450LPH units. Part Numbers: * ASNU092/BBSB (no fuel pumps, ASNU fitment) * ASNU092/BBSBW (no fuel pumps Walbro fitment * ASNU092/BBS660 (with 2 x 330LPH E85 pumps)

  • ASNU at Trax Silverstone 6th October 2019 | ASNU

    < Back ASNU at Trax Silverstone 6th October 2019 Prep Time: ​ Cook Time: ​ Serves: ​ Level: ​ About the Recipe ​ Ingredients Preparation Previous Next

  • Mazda | ASNU

    Mazda Injectors MX5 MK 1 (1989 - 1997) : - B6ZE MX5 MK 1 (1994 - 1997) : - BPZE MX5 MK 2 (1998 - 2005) : - BP4W RX7 FD 13B-REW (1991 - 2002) : - 13B-REW RX8 : - RX8 RENESIS

  • ASNU stand at SEMA 2019 | ASNU

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  • Opel | ASNU

    Opel Injectors

  • ASNU Owners Facebook Group | ASNU

    < Back ASNU Owners Facebook Group Laura Bonafont 11 May 2022 ASNU Owners Facebook Group To our ASNU owners, We have opened a new facebook group especially for you - ASNU owners, where they can join and discuss and share advice with each other. We would encourage you to join the group so you can share advice and information with others, and we can post up tips and information to help you as well. Please see the link below and ensure you supply your serial number/ company name when you request to join as we have to approve everyone. We look forward to welcoming you into the group Team ASNU Previous Next

  • Fuel System Fittings | ASNU

    Fuel System Fittings Below you will find direct links to our online shop for the various fuel system fittings, adapters and accessories that we have available to purchase.

  • ASNU 219 and 219T Filter Basket & Tool for Siemens Piezo Injectors | ASNU

    < Back ASNU 219 and 219T Filter Basket & Tool for Siemens Piezo Injectors Laura Bonafont 10 Oct 2022 ASNU 219 and 219T Filter Basket & Tool for Siemens Piezo Injectors We are pleased to announce we now have replacement filter baskets and a special tool for fitting them into the Siemens Piezo injectors. These injectors are known for being troublesome, so we highly recommend regularly servicing these and replacing the filter baskets. Please see below our instruction video on using the ASNU 219T Tool and fitting the new ASNU 219 Filter Baskets. Previous Next

  • ASNU's 30 Year History Video | ASNU

    < Back ASNU's 30 Year History Video Prep Time: ​ Cook Time: ​ Serves: ​ Level: ​ About the Recipe ​ Ingredients Preparation Previous Next

  • Manifold Upgrades | ASNU

    Manifold Upgrades ASNU R35 GT-R 12 Injector Conversion Manifold Part No: ASNU92/R35GTR C/KIT ASNU has developed an injector conversion kit for the R35 GTR to allow an additional 6 injectors to be fitted to the stock manifold. This was originally prototyped in conjunction with the highly respected tuning software company Ecutek to develop software strategies for 12 injector control. Allowing up to 1400hp the stock manifold is far from restrictive. With the injectors giving up well before this, we decided that what was needed was a properly engineered upgrade for the stock manifold to allow you the option to run a second set of injectors. Upper fuel rail and lower mounting plates are manufactured from aircraft-grade T6082 billet aluminium and are then bolted and bonded in place before the fuel resistant epoxy is oven cured to ensure maximum strength and durability. The injector placement and additional injectors have been optimized for maximum power and torque as they are only expected to operate at the higher engine loads. ​ The injectors have been specially developed for this installation and are of the same ASNU SC family originally produced for the World Rally and World Rally Cross championships that flow between 300 and 1300cc static flow at 3 bar. This is on top of your existing injector flow and if run in conjunction with an ASNU 1050/14 in the primary injector location, it will allow a total of over 2600cc of fuel at 3bar fuel pressure per cylinder. To guard against potential boost leaks, additional parts are bonded in place using a specially formulated fuel (and Ethanol, Methanol) resistant epoxy. The fuel rails are manufactured with a -8 (17.5mm ) internal bore to allow maximum fuel flow. The 12 injector conversion is supplied with a loom and bespoke additional driver, allowing the driver to control the additional injectors. It works in conjunction with the ASNUR35GTR fuel rail and sensor options and is designed to be as near to plug and play as is possible at this level of engine modification. The design has been tested for bonnet clearance on both stock and a number of aftermarket fiberglass and carbon bonnets so fitment issues even on non-standard panels are not a problem.

  • ASNU New Product Release | ASNU

    < Back ASNU New Product Release Laura Bonafont 14 Sept 2020 ASNU New Product ASNU 248A - Teflon Seal Installation Tool for Mercury OptimaxGDI Marine injector We are pleased to announce we now have the Mercury Optimax Installation toolavailable. This consists of the 2 parts shown below. The fitting cone helps to pushthe teflon seal into place, and the sizing tool then compresses the seal to fit. These are now in stock and ready to ship under part number ASNU 248A. Please contact your local ASNU Distributor for more information! Previous Next

  • ASNU New Injector Servicing Products | ASNU

    < Back ASNU New Injector Servicing Products Laura Bonafont 1 Dec 2022 New Injector Servicing Products for GDI Injectors! We are pleased to announce we have some new Injector Service Parts added to our range of accessories. These items are now in stock. Please contact your ASNU Distributor! Previous Next

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