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  • ASNU's 30 Year History Video | ASNU

    < Back ASNU's 30 Year History Video Prep Time: ​ Cook Time: ​ Serves: ​ Level: ​ About the Recipe ​ Ingredients Preparation Previous Next

  • Manifold Upgrades | ASNU

    Manifold Upgrades ASNU R35 GT-R 12 Injector Conversion Manifold Part No: ASNU92/R35GTR C/KIT ASNU has developed an injector conversion kit for the R35 GTR to allow an additional 6 injectors to be fitted to the stock manifold. This was originally prototyped in conjunction with the highly respected tuning software company Ecutek to develop software strategies for 12 injector control. Allowing up to 1400hp the stock manifold is far from restrictive. With the injectors giving up well before this, we decided that what was needed was a properly engineered upgrade for the stock manifold to allow you the option to run a second set of injectors. Upper fuel rail and lower mounting plates are manufactured from aircraft-grade T6082 billet aluminium and are then bolted and bonded in place before the fuel resistant epoxy is oven cured to ensure maximum strength and durability. The injector placement and additional injectors have been optimized for maximum power and torque as they are only expected to operate at the higher engine loads. ​ The injectors have been specially developed for this installation and are of the same ASNU SC family originally produced for the World Rally and World Rally Cross championships that flow between 300 and 1300cc static flow at 3 bar. This is on top of your existing injector flow and if run in conjunction with an ASNU 1050/14 in the primary injector location, it will allow a total of over 2600cc of fuel at 3bar fuel pressure per cylinder. To guard against potential boost leaks, additional parts are bonded in place using a specially formulated fuel (and Ethanol, Methanol) resistant epoxy. The fuel rails are manufactured with a -8 (17.5mm ) internal bore to allow maximum fuel flow. The 12 injector conversion is supplied with a loom and bespoke additional driver, allowing the driver to control the additional injectors. It works in conjunction with the ASNUR35GTR fuel rail and sensor options and is designed to be as near to plug and play as is possible at this level of engine modification. The design has been tested for bonnet clearance on both stock and a number of aftermarket fiberglass and carbon bonnets so fitment issues even on non-standard panels are not a problem.

  • ASNU New Product Release | ASNU

    < Back ASNU New Product Release Laura Bonafont 14 Sept 2020 ASNU New Product ASNU 248A - Teflon Seal Installation Tool for Mercury OptimaxGDI Marine injector We are pleased to announce we now have the Mercury Optimax Installation toolavailable. This consists of the 2 parts shown below. The fitting cone helps to pushthe teflon seal into place, and the sizing tool then compresses the seal to fit. These are now in stock and ready to ship under part number ASNU 248A. Please contact your local ASNU Distributor for more information! Previous Next

  • ASNU New Injector Servicing Products | ASNU

    < Back ASNU New Injector Servicing Products Laura Bonafont 1 Dec 2022 New Injector Servicing Products for GDI Injectors! We are pleased to announce we have some new Injector Service Parts added to our range of accessories. These items are now in stock. Please contact your ASNU Distributor! Previous Next

  • Parts & Accessories | ASNU

    Parts & Accessories Catalogue

  • Subaru | ASNU

    Subaru Injectors BRZ (2012 onwards) : - 4U-GSE / FA20 STI : - EJ20

  • ASNU Exhibiting at Autotechnica 27-30th March | ASNU

    < Back ASNU Exhibiting at Autotechnica 27-30th March Laura Bonafont 14 Feb 2022 ASNU are pleased to announce they will be exhibiting at the Autotechnica exhibition in Belgium from 27th – 30th March. We will have representatives on our stand from ASNU in the UK, along with our French and Dutch distributors for ASNU Injector Diagnostic Testing and Servicing Machines You can find information about the exhibition on their website below: Home – Autotechnica Previous Next

  • Lexus | ASNU

    Lexus Injectors GS 300 2JZ VVTI (1997 - 2004) : - 2JZ VVTI

  • ASNU Exhibiting at PRI 8th - 10th December | ASNU

    < Back ASNU Exhibiting at PRI 8th - 10th December Laura Bonafont 25 Nov 2022 ASNU are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at PRI in Indianapolis, USA. Make sure to come over and say hello to our ASNU representatives at booth #605. We'd love to hear from you and answer any of your questions. See you there! Previous Next

  • Mitsubishi | ASNU

    Mitsubishi Injectors 3000 GTO (1990 - 1999) : - 6G72 EVO 1-9 : - EVO 1-9 4G63T (1992 - 2007) EVO 10 : - 4B11T (2008 onwards)

  • Porsche | ASNU

    Porsche Injectors 996 : - GT3

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