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Manual Video USB Instructions

Do not move, change or delete any of the files contained within this ASNU flash drive, they are 
interconnected and they rely on each of the file interactions to operate. If disrupted it will 
cease to function.

If VLC Media Player is set to autoplay on your device close it and open your ‘File Explorer’, go to 
‘This PC’, double click to open ‘USB Drive’, double click on ‘Play DVD on PC’ and wait for it to 

When loading the USB you may be offered an update for a later version of VLC Media Player.
The VLC Media Player version within the USB is specifically designed for this presentation. and 
will not work with any other versions!

Wait around 30 seconds for video to load and the Main Menu to appear. Use either the mouse or 
keyboard arrow keys to select your desired start point.

The ‘DVD Home’ symbol button or the ‘Skip Backward’ button will take you back to the ‘Main Menu’.
When you insert your ASNU USB your computer may need to load a new usb driver for this ASNU USB 
Drive. If this happens wait (approx 1 min) for the notice ‘Your device is ready to use’ to appear 
(lower right corner of screen). You may also see a pop up saying your device needs to be scanned 
and fixed but just press ‘Continue without scanning’.

ASNU Smart TV File
When Smart TV playback is used, chapter functions are not possible.


ASNU Machine Manual Timecodes:

00:00:00 - 00:04:52     Introduction**
00:08:25 - 00:28:06     Presentation**
00:28:07 - 00:29:53      Unpacking the System

00:29:54 - 00:32:35      Setting up & Positioning 
00:32:36 - 00:33:55      Safety Precautions

00:33:56 - 00:35:54      System & Safety Precautions 
00:35:55 - 00:37:23       Inspection Before Testing
00:37:24 - 00:38:13        Adapters & Harness
00:38:14 - 00:40:15        Mounting the Injectors
00:40:16 - 00:46:24      Test Procedures
00:46:25 - 00:46:48     Emptying Glass Tubes

00:46:49 - 00:48:59     Prep for Ultrasonic Cleaning 
00:49:00 - 00:51:20      Ultrasonic Cleaning
00:51:21 - 00:52:42         Replacing Pintle Caps
00:52:43 - 00:56:12       Re-Testing the Injectors
00:56:13 - 01:01:33           Monopoint & TBI Injectors
01:01:34 - 01:04:07          Side Feed Injectors
01:04:08 - 01:05:51          K-Jetronic Injectors
01:05:52 - 01:08:00         Megga Meter
01:08:01 - 01:08:26          Marine & Motorcycle Injectors
01:08:27 - 01:09:09         High Performance Upgrades
01:09:10 - 01:11:09              Machine Functions
01:11:10 - 01:13:52                Machine Maintenance & Service
01:13:53 - 01:14:28             Draining Ultrasonic Fluid
01:14:29 - 01:15:06             Draining Test Fluid


** Please note: if you manually skip these timecodes the ‘Menu Chapter’ function will not load and the rest of the video will continue to play.

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