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ASNU are world leaders in Injector Diagnostics, a programme that ASNU created to enable technicians working in the Aftermarket service workshops to test and service gasoline injectors as part of the vehicles diagnostic test and repair procedure.

This programme has been successfully adopted by a number of leading colleges and organisations around the world, most notably being Robert Bosch, for use in their fuel injection diagnostic service centres and training schools.

Due to its unique design, ASNU have been able to stay ahead of developments in fuel injectors and injection systems and the need to accurately examine the injectors performance without changing the ASNU from its original design

What We Do

ASNU Machines

ASNU are manufactures of the world leading Gasoline Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing Systems

Performance Injectors

ASNU produce top of the range performance injectors and accessories for a huge range of vehicle applications for all forms of motorsports that are distributed worldwide.

Our Latest News

ASNU R35 GTR Individual Throttle Body Manifold Mon 09 November 2015

Introducing ASNU's SEMA award winning ITB system for the R35 GTR Aids throttle response as the plenum no longer has to be pressurised after opening the throttle Increased runner and plenum volumes allowing for bigger HP and torque Built to allow the more extreme cam profiles to be used in a road situation with minimised idle problems 60% increase i...

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