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  • ASNU New Product

    < Back ASNU New Product Laura Bonafont 18 Nov 2021 We are pleased to now have available our new coupling – ASNU 134 for testing the screw top Bosch GDI injectors on our ASNU 156A adjustable fuel rail. These injectors are found in various BMWs. These are sold individually and are available through our distributor network. Part No: ASNU 134 Injector Test Coupling Previous Next

  • ASNU 66W Wire GDI Filter Basket

    < Back ASNU 66W Wire GDI Filter Basket Laura Bonafont 23 Sept 2020 ASNU 66W Wire GDI Filter Basket We are recommending that anyone testing and servicing GDI injectors, namely theBosch HDEV5 variant that take the slim 4.7mm filters, to switch to the ASNU 66Wfilter. We have found many of our customers seeing injectors with damaged standardinjectors due to chemical cleaning and additives (which we highly recommendagainst!) as they destroy the standard plastic filter baskets (which can in turn gothrough the injector!). Our ASNU 66W are a wire filter basket that are more hard wearing and what wewould recommend as the best replacement for these injectors. They are now back in stock, sold in packs of 50 pieces. Please contact your local ASNU distributor for pricing Previous Next

  • ASNU Germany exhibiting at Retro Classic Fair in Stuttgart

    < Back ASNU Germany exhibiting at Retro Classic Fair in Stuttgart Prep Time: ​ Cook Time: ​ Serves: ​ Level: ​ About the Recipe ​ Ingredients Preparation Previous Next

  • Opel | ASNU

    Opel Injectors

  • ASNU New Product Release – ASNU 220 Pintle Cap

    < Back ASNU New Product Release – ASNU 220 Pintle Cap Laura Bonafont 14 Jun 2022 We are pleased to release our new ASNU 220 pintle cap. These pintle caps are for certain model Honda vehicles that use the Keihin fuel injector shown below Supplied in packs of 24 Part No: ASNU 220 (pack of 24) Available now through our distributor network. Please contact your ASNU distributor Previous Next

  • Fuel System Fittings | ASNU

    Fuel System Fittings Below you will find direct links to our online shop for the various fuel system fittings, adapters and accessories that we have available to purchase.

  • ASNU Exhibiting at Autosport International Expo on 12-13th January 2023

    < Back ASNU Exhibiting at Autosport International Expo on 12-13th January 2023 Laura Bonafont 4 Jan 2023 ASNU are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at The Autosport International Expo Engineering show at NEC Birmingham, UK. Make sure to come over and say hello to our ASNU representatives at stand #E646. We'd love to hear from you and answer any of your questions. See you there! Previous Next

  • Custom Products | ASNU

    Custom Products ASNU's SEMA award winning ITB system for the R35 GTR Aids throttle response as the plenum no longer has to be pressurised after opening the throttle Increased runner and plenum volumes allowing for bigger HP and torque Built to allow the more extreme cam profiles to be used in a road situation with minimised idle problems 60% increase in throttle area over largest twin throttle currently available (72mm) 74mm Plenum inlet flange that can be increased to 78mm ( 23% increase in flow over 72mm twin throttles ) Light weight alloy plenum housing to withstand extreme boost at a high fatigue life It ensures a more equal distribution of workload across all cylinders by the engine allowing more HP to be generated safely Plenum optimised for volume and flow using F1 technology Complete with 6 additional ASNU SC injectors in a location optimised for that specific design High flow upper fuel rail utilising -8AN fittings with a 17mm internal bore Upper fuel rail designed to operate with integral fuel pressure & temp sensor Designed to operate with the ASNU R35GTR fuel rails with pressure sensor (requires sensor to be relocated to the upper rail location) Designed and machined with pre centre drilled bosses for Nitrous or ADI/water methanol injection CNC machined from billet 6082 & 7072 Alloy. -8AN vac balance pipe between banks to give a good idle and avoid traditional ITB setup issues. -8AN Boost balance pipe. Vacuum and boost ports, with brake booster vacuum take off Designed to operate with the GTR’s original throttle motor internals (not supplied) Utilises stock MAP sensor (not supplied) Constructed to road car levels of durability, allowing extreme HP daily drivers Integral air trumpets built into the plenum back plate

  • Tutorials | ASNU

    ASNU Tutorials ASNU Gasoline Injector Tutorial Part 1 Gasoline Injector Tutorial Part 3 - Deadtime Gasoline Injector Tutorial Part 2 - Electrical Pulse Width & Duty Cycle Gasoline Injector Tutorial Part 4 - Short Pulse Adder / Multiplier Gasoline Injector Tutorial Part 5 - ASNU Variable Voltage & Remote Control Software Remote Control Program - Installation and Setup ASNU Remote Control Program - Usage

  • ASNU Exhibiting at Japfest Silverstone on 23rd April 2023

    < Back ASNU Exhibiting at Japfest Silverstone on 23rd April 2023 Laura Bonafont 2 Apr 2023 We are pleased to be exhibiting at Japfest 2023 at Silverstone circuit on Sunday 23rd April. You will find the ASNU stand in with the Trade area - showing our Injector Diagnostics Testing & Servicing System alongside our Performance Products range of Injectors, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Rails & more. If you have a car running ASNU products, we are offering one owner the chance to be parked on our stand in the trade area for the day and of course free entry. To be in with a chance of this opportunity, send your details and your car's spec and photo to us and we will pick one at random a week before the show! Previous Next

  • Recipes

    Media ASNU's 30 Year History Video ASNU Germany exhibiting at Retro Classic Fair in Stuttgart Rob Wilson takes 3rd Place in Rd1 of BTRDA and Welsh Rally Championship ASNU stand at PMW Expo 2019 ASNU stand at SEMA 2019 ASNU at Trax Silverstone 6th October 2019

  • ASNU 1250p Injector

    < Back ASNU 1250p Injector Laura Bonafont 19 Nov 2020 ASNU New Product - ASNU 1250p Performance Injector We are pleased to announce the release of our new 1250cc Performance Injector! The new ASNU 1250p injector is a 1250cc Flow Rate injector at 85% Duty Cycle and is the latest addition to the unique ASNU range of purpose-built Performance Injectors. The 1250P is a result of a partnership between Robert Bosch GmbH designing and producing the 1250P core injector exclusively to meet ASNU's requirement and ASNU's own years of experience of Performance Injector designing and production of Orifice Plates to provide the best possible combination of Spray Pattern and Flow Rate to suit thousands of applications and requirements. As with all ASNU Performance Injectors, the injector has a multi hole spray pattern and the 1250P in particular has a unique hole design that together with its excellent Linear operation this means very stable and controllable fuelling at extremely short pulse widths, during cranking, idle and low RPMs, whilst still meeting the engine's fuelling requirements at the top end. The 1250P is a tuner's delight when used on road cars due to the ease of satisfying the customers' Performance and Driveability demands but also helping keep it within the Emission regulations - something many tuners and Performance vehicle owners sometimes find hard to achieve. Equally, for a Race engine, the 1250P will ensure a perfect air/fuel mix and giving the cleanest burn during the combustion stroke with the minimum amount of fuel expelled on the exhaust stroke, something that happens if the fuel does not burn fully. The advantages of good atomisation for a Race Engine is well documented. ASNU take that atomisation to a new level in race engine requirements by providing better throttle response, better efficiency, less engine wear from unburnt fuel causing bore-wash. This will also mean lighter fuel loads and for timed applications this would mean less pit stops required. The ASNU 1250P is ideal for all performance applications and ASNU have fitments & adapters to suit all port manifolds and fuel rails on the market. Contact your local ASNU Distributor for more information! Previous Next

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