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  • ASNU Germany exhibiting at Retro Classic Fair in Stuttgart | ASNU

    < Back ASNU Germany exhibiting at Retro Classic Fair in Stuttgart Prep Time: ​ Cook Time: ​ Serves: ​ Level: ​ About the Recipe ​ Ingredients Preparation Previous Next

  • Distributors | ASNU

    Distributors Machine Distributors Machine & Performance Injector Distributors

  • Vauxhall | ASNU

    Vauxhall Injectors Astra GSI (2003 - 2004) : - Z20LET Astra H GTC : - Z20LEH Astra VXR : - Z20LEH Corsa VXR : - A16LER VX220 (2000 - 2005) : - Z20LET

  • Digital Flow Kit | ASNU

    ASNU Digital Flow Kit + + = DUE TO LAUNCH 2024 ASNU’s Digital Flow Kit is an exciting new add-on kit that can work with any ASNU Classic GDI machine to enable more accurate & specific measuring when testing fuel injectors. The standard kit includes all the hardware and the software programme, with optional future add-ons/upgrades available. General Features of the Digital Flow Kit * Available as an upgrade to work with any existing ASNU Classic GDI Machine (no need for new purchase) * User defined injector RPM, Duty & Pulse Width * User defined Flush and Leak test duration * 8 Individual Injector Select Controls * Worldwide user interface with icon control * Save results to file for future reference * Print test reports for customers (will require external printer) ASNU Digital Flow Kit Key Features & Benefits Touchscreen Windows Tablet & Windows PC Compatible User Interface * Mount a Windows Tablet on the machine and use the touchscreen * Or place a Windows PC next to the machine and use a mouse/keypad or touchscreen (if fitted) Digital Flow Measurement * No need to drain the flow tubes * Faster Testing - typically measures the flow of 8 injectors in 30 secs * Eliminates errors in reading the tube levels * Eliminates errors from fluid remaining in the tubes * Measure flows up to 4000cc/min @ 3 bar on ASNU flowrite as standard (up to 8000cc/min as an option) * Option for injector deadtime measurement *Option for Injector Short Pulse Adder & Short Pulse Multiplier data generation Digital Pressure Measurement & Automatic Pressure Control * High accuracy digital pressure measurement * BAR or PSI display * Automatically controls the fuel pressure regardless of the injector flow * No need to set the pressure with the injector firing in the spray position then moving to the flow tube position - saving time! Graphical Display of Flows * Target flow options (use the average flow from the set of injectors under test or a specific flow (e.g. from an injector data sheet) * Different colours to show injectors out of limits Fuel Temperature Measurement * Display in Deg C or Deg F * Determine the effect of temperature on the injector flow Software Conversion/Scaling of Flow Results * Convert from cc/min to lbs/hr & vice versa * Convert between Flowrite & Gasoline Automatic Testing Options * Flow vs Pressure Sweep * Flow vs Pressure vs Voltage Injector Electrical Test * Check for injector coil faults * Different colours for injectors out of limits * Target inductance options (use the average inductance from the set of injectors under test or from an injector data sheet Test Information Data Entry * Record injector part numbers/serial numbers * Record vehicle information * Record customer details

  • Service Centres | ASNU

    ASNU Service Centres If you are an ASNU owner but not listed below and would like to be then please get in touch or fill out our Register your ASNU machine form! Junior/Motorcycle Capability Standard Manifold Injector Testing GDI Injector Capability GDI & 2 Stroke GDI Capability GDI & Piezo Injector Capability GDI, 2 Stroke GDI & Piezo Capability

  • ASNU 66W Wire GDI Filter Basket | ASNU

    < Back ASNU 66W Wire GDI Filter Basket Laura Bonafont 23 Sept 2020 ASNU 66W Wire GDI Filter Basket We are recommending that anyone testing and servicing GDI injectors, namely theBosch HDEV5 variant that take the slim 4.7mm filters, to switch to the ASNU 66Wfilter. We have found many of our customers seeing injectors with damaged standardinjectors due to chemical cleaning and additives (which we highly recommendagainst!) as they destroy the standard plastic filter baskets (which can in turn gothrough the injector!). Our ASNU 66W are a wire filter basket that are more hard wearing and what wewould recommend as the best replacement for these injectors. They are now back in stock, sold in packs of 50 pieces. Please contact your local ASNU distributor for pricing Previous Next

  • Fuel Rails | ASNU

    Fuel Rails We have designed and manufactured Performance Fuel Rails for various applications to fit our ASNU Performance Injectors. These include top feed replacement rails, along with converting from side feed to top feed applications. Below is a selection of the current fuel rails that we offer: R35 GT-R Twin Fuel Rail Set (Part No: ASNU092/GTR-R35) The ASNU R35 GTR fuel rail is designed for ultra high-performance engines looking for that something extra to give you the edge. Our rail allows for the retention of your stock rail mounted fuel damper which is required to reduce fuel rail pressure pulses when running large injectors with non-standard pump systems. The rail also retains the OE injector harness mounting tabs for a professional appearance. Designed with upgrades in mind, the stock damper can be replaced with fuel pressure and temperature monitoring sensor kit with EcuTek compatibility. Boasting an internal bore of 17mm, and an impressive capacity of 1700cc (over 11 times that of the stock rail) this gives the rail the capacity to supply even the largest of injectors. It is designed to fit the OE injector fitment and of course the ASNU range of Performance Injectors. The rail is supplied with -8AN feed & -6AN return fittings and a high flow & lightweight transfer hose from BMRS. It is machined from grade T6082 aluminium and finished in a hard anodised coating. This rail will meet the requirements of top tuning specialists both specification and aesthetics wise. The rail is supplied with -8AN fittings, and is not designed to plug and play with stock lines. We do not recommend running these rails with the stock lines! If you need to run our rails with the stock lines, then you will need to purchase our adaptor kit ASNU092/R35RegMount which consists of 2 of the parts shown below: SR20DET VVT Top Feed Conversion Rail (Part No: ASNU092/SR20DET) The system allows the conversion of a stock SR20DET manifold to top feed injectors without having to remove the idle speed control valve and keeping the original pipework. The rail is manufactured from 6082 aluminium and unlike our 1st generation rail, the new rail is machined from one piece and has standard –6 fittings on either end. The rail is supplied complete with manifold seals for the stock inlet (aftermarket manifold fitment is available at extra cost), bolts to attach to the manifold and an Aeroquip FC332 (or for an extra cost, we can supply a BMRS PTFE with stainless over braid) link pipe. Subaru WRX Twin Top Feed Conversion Rail (Part No: ASNU092/WRX1) The ASNU Subaru WRX 1 rail allows you to convert your EJ20 Phase 1, 1.5, or 2 engine from its’ stock side feed rails to more desirable top feed injectors whilst operating with the OE manifold. Due to the unique design, our rail is able to accommodate all of the early side-feed installations without additional plates or adaptors for the different phases. With motorsport in mind, it has been optimised for reduced weight without sacrificing reliability and performance; coming in at 520 grams including fittings manifold adaptors and bolts. The rails are able to accept the full range of ASNU injectors from 300 to 1500cc; giving an exceptionally wide range of flows and spray patterns and allowing you to optimise the injector to your requirements. Designed for minimum height from the cylinder head and reduced length on the rearward end of the rail to improve clearance on the intake housing for large turbos. For maximum turbo clearance, it can accept a special swept fitting incorporating a 90-degree elbow (this is not included as standard in the kit). Specifically designed to optimise the injector location for maximum performance when used with ASNU injectors. They are able to flow up to 1000L/h with minimal pressure drop, in twin feed centre return configuration; giving guaranteed fuel supply capability up to 1500HP. Due to the improved flow of the rails beyond the capability of the OE regulator, our rails require the use of an up-rated remote mount fuel pressure regulator. The fuel rail is manufactured from high strength billet T6082 aluminium alloy and is supplied with industry-standard -6AN to AN6 ORB fittings to safeguard against fuel leaks even at high pressures. The fuel rail spacers are manufactured from acetyl tubes to minimise heat transfer from the engine to the fuel rail. The rails are supplied with stainless steel bolts to avoid both surface rust and galvanic corrosion. 2JZ VVTI Supra Top Feed Conversion Rail (Part No: ASNU092/2JZ) We are pleased to announce we now have ASNU 2JZ VVTI Top Feed Conversion Fuel Rails available! After working closely with our machine shop, and some of our Performance team, we now have a top feed fuel rail conversion for the 2JZ VVTI engine found in the MK4 Toyota Supra. This fuel rail is designed specifically to work with our ASNU Performance injectors and will allow you to run ASNU Performance Injectors that can be built to suit from 300cc up to 1500cc. Our fuel rail comes with the manifold adapters required to work with our ‘A’ cap fitment injectors, along with upright fittings and AN8 to Orb8 fittings to attach to custom fuel lines. The rail also has a centre port with a blanking plug, giving you the option to have twin end feeds and centre return for high power applications or retain the blank for standard use. We also have plug and play harness adapters as an optional add-on if you are not changing your injector harness loom Part No: (ASNU090/HA013)

  • Injector Fitting Instructions | ASNU

    Injector Fitting Instructions/Assembly Guide Fuel suitability ASNU injectors are designed for operation with gasoline based fuels up to E98, and are able to operate long term on fuels containing MTBE or ETBE. For other fuels such as Methanol-M100, please contact us to discuss suitability, as alternative seals and O-rings may be required. Assembly It is necessary to lubricate both the upper and lower O-rings and any manifold seals before installation into both the engine and the fuel rail. We recommend the use of a clean, non-silicon based motor oil. Ensure the oil does not contaminate the internals of the injector or the spray plate assembly. For certain turbocharged applications, the sealing tolerances for the injector to manifold/cylinder head have been changed to ensure a leak free installation at higher than stock boost levels where the OE seals can cause leaks. If, during maintenance, the injectors are removed and are to be refitted, fresh O-rings should be used. Spare O-rings can be purchased from ASNU’s approved Distributors or Service Centres . Installation When fully assembled into a cold engine, the injector must be free to rotate around its’ axis with a small amount of longitudinal movement (0.5 to 1.5mm). This ensures that the injector is not damaged by over compression when thermal expansion of the injector and related engine components occurs. We advise checking your fuel rail manufacturer's instructions for compatibility with our injectors if you are not using an ASNU fuel rail. Filtration A minimum filtration of 10 Microns is required for short term operation <3000 miles. For long term operation >3000 miles a filtration level of 5 M icrons is advised. The life of the in-line fuel filter is to be determined by the user in response to environmental conditions and fuel quality. Failure to adhere to these limits may result in a drop in injector flow / performance and damage to the injector itself. Service Life and Storage To maintain the performance and tight operating tolerances of the injector, it is advised to send your injectors to ASNU Service Centres to check their operation and be cleaned if necessary. We recommend replacing the O-rings during their service. Chemical cleaners may damage the injector and should not be used. Injectors that have been unused for some time such as with stored vehicles or spare parts should be checked before operation.

  • Catalogues & Brochures | ASNU

    Catalogues & Brochures ASNU Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing Systems Parts & Accessories Catalogue DOWNLOAD ASNU Classic GDI DOWNLOAD ASNU Adjustable Injector Test Rail DOWNLOAD ASNU Remote Control Software DOWNLOAD ASNU Interactive Report Sheet DOWNLOAD ASNU Junior Machine DOWNLOAD ASNU GDI Adapter Box DOWNLOAD ASNU Piezo Adapter Box DOWNLOAD ASNU 2 Stroke GDI Adapter Box DOWNLOAD ASNU 266EXT GDI Injector Extractor Tool DOWNLOAD ASNU - The Importance of Low Pressure GDI Testing DOWNLOAD ASNU - Consequences of the death of the Diesel engine DOWNLOAD ASNU in Print - Magazine Articles DOWNLOAD ASNU 84 Tool Upgrade - Pintle Cap Removal & Refitting Tool DOWNLOAD Injector Diagnostic Testing & Servicing Systems Instructions Cleaning the E-Tec Pintle Assembly DOWNLOAD ASNU Megga Meter - Electronically Testing Piezo Injectors DOWNLOAD ASNU 2 Stroke GDI Adapter Box Instructions DOWNLOAD ASNU Piezo Adapter Box Set-Up DOWNLOAD ASNU Performance Products ASNU New 040P Performance Injector DOWNLOAD ASNU 1250P Performance Injector DOWNLOAD ASNU Performance Products Catalogue DOWNLOAD ASNU Baby Battleship Fuel Filter System DOWNLOAD ASNU R35 GTR 12 Injector System DOWNLOAD ASNU Performance Products Instructions ASNU Baby Battleship Fuel Filter System DOWNLOAD ASNU R35 GTR 12 Injector System Fitting Instructions DOWNLOAD ASNU R35 GTR Fuel Rail Fitting Instructions DOWNLOAD ASNU Tips ASNU Tips - Preserving the HDEV1 GDI Injectors DOWNLOAD ASNU Tips - Honda Short Injector Servicing DOWNLOAD ASNU Tips - Nissan Qashqai GDI Injector Seal Fitting DOWNLOAD ASNU Tips - Delphi MPI Injector Filter Removal DOWNLOAD ASNU Tips - Sagem Disc Injector DOWNLOAD ASNU Tips - Piezo Filter Removal & Re-Fit DOWNLOAD ASNU Tips - Keeping GDI Seals Compressed DOWNLOAD

  • ASNU stand at SEMA 2019 | ASNU

    < Back ASNU stand at SEMA 2019 Prep Time: ​ Cook Time: ​ Serves: ​ Level: ​ About the Recipe ​ Ingredients Preparation Previous Next

  • Opel | ASNU

    Opel Injectors

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